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Market Expectation on May 23rd

Know Market Range after May 23rd Election Results

Daily income from Share Market

Watch Video till the end and Know about 500 PAYTM CASH #giveaway


Know Suzlon Targets after this deal

Penny Stocks Ideas (Industry- STEEL)

Company Revaluation will happen in Future

Penny Stocks Ideas (Industry- Finance)

NBFC Company will low DEBT

Penny Stocks Ideas (Industry- Pharmaceuticals)

Pharmaceuticals Company with sales growth of 37% trading too low 

Penny Stocks Ideas (Industry- Realty)

Penny Stocks Channel LIVE STREAMS in Market hours, viewers can ask question about various penny stock scrips in real time .

Market Trapping Retail Investors Before Election

Seems like Market Trapping Retail Investors Before Election ,last 2 days FII's are continuously selling still market moving up will DII fund flows ,same time Rupee trading above 72 .Wait and buy in stocks and invest in mutual Funds looking Nav's will be advisable