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High Volatility in Nifty and Sensex

TechnicalTrendz:Guys so much of volatility ? intraday traders will be making money these days

BEAR :Yeah,market is overbrought,even DII started selling in Equity today,(You can see Institutional Turnover in BSE & NSE sites ).They keep this market from falling when FII take out money last month.As per site data DII had invested almost 24,306cr till today in 2009,most of them are almost in zero percentage in cash,so if they take out some money in this level,our way will be easier.

BULL:Last month FII was selling,then DII's brought,So if DII's sells in this month it will be brought because of good market condition even by retailers too.

TT :What can we expect tomorrow ?

BULL:there is heavy call writing 4900 strike price,but it will be counted by put writing in 4800 strike price so a 4760-4880 will be range for tomorrow

So we have to expecting volatility in come days also

Thank you