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NIfty closed above 4800 first time in 2009

Welcome BULL & BEAR

TechnicalTrendz:All went according to plan till 2 p.m ,what went wrong ?

BULL:Its normal profit booking which came in high beta stocks,it was also brought my people so fast also.FII today brought 990cr of equity,which will boost over confidence in coming days.

TT:Don't you this pull back from 4840 levels was so fast

BEAR:yeah,that's what am saying this market can fall like this in any bad news in future,upside is limited and risky for a normal people.

TT: Ii want to know both of your View about ICICI BANK,Chart below

BEAR:Its near to resistance of 820-835 ,you can see in chart its area were ICICI BANK spend for almost year before more to all time high of 1455.

TT: what you say BULL ?

BULL: If you see it never breached trend line from march low in this weekly chart,that shows its strength.