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America's Recovery Plan exposed ?

Last week ,we saw huge selling pressure in all equity market around the world.Many news agencies saying because of Obama's New bank plan and anticipation about China increasing interest rates are reason.I have my doubts in this.Let go back to investigate

After fall of Lehman Brothers US FED done stress test of various bank and told them to take US TAX PAYERS money to bailout most of the big banks like CITI,GOLDMAN SACH etc.. Did they need that amount of money in that time ?Don't forget most bank paid money back with in one year time.How they make this much of money ?So is it a BAILOUT OF BANK HAPPENED OR SOMETHING ELSE ?

I strongly believe that 50-60% of chunk money that called as BAILOUT MONEY is given to bank for trading(i don't think for investing ) in other countries exchanges. Last year BRIC(BRAZIL,RUSSIA,INDIA,CHINA) countries stocks appreciated more,all these countries stock exchanges around 75-100%.Let me Explain how.All developing countries exchanges retraced almost 75% from their highs,Lets take case of India,NIFTY touched a low 2200 approx and Domestic mutual funds didn't had money to do bottom fishing ,FED & US banks used this opportunity to take money from peoples of other countries.They know retailers investors will not jump in early stage of recovery ,when they start thinking to invest market will be around previous high.So Bank will make money and repay bailout money soon ,much talked deficit of US will come down all clean ,When America Recovers World out of Recession.

As simple as that

Why this Fall then ?

Money made by banks are much more than what FED thought ,now they are think what to do with bank,they are still invested not ready to come out ,in same time government's stress test came as Massachusetts Sentor election.Government came to know people slowly moving away from their side because even bank and FED made money from this recover job loss claim are not ready to stop increasing. They know US can't take one more recession with in short span.So goverment want to regulate bank and keep a them away from investing in outside US especially through their investment arms like hedge funds.

If my assumption is true in near week or month Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae will be restructure and FED will tell to invest money in those companies with some guarantee.

FOOTER:From this recession recover rally US made money from other countries.Please remember most investment in India came through QIP route which is so easy to be sold in exchanges.