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With European debt crisis started experts are looking which sector will be hit most and stock related to it.I have a contrarian view in that ,so i researched companies with will get more exposure.One such company is XLTELECOM & ENERGY LIMITED
XL TELECOM & ENERGY LIMITED company transformed in to a Energy play from a telecom equipment manufacturer.Company move in to manufacturing of Solar Photovoltaic Modules.XL Telecom is installing state of the art Crystalline Cell Manufacturing Facility with leading Technology support from Germany. The present installed capacity of the cell plant will be 120MW per annum.Also XL Telecom is installing 40MW new line of module manufacturing facility with Technology support from Germany. With this additional facility the total module production capacity will be 232MW per annum.This new facilities of Cell Line & Module Line will be operational by the end of Q2 of 2010 at Special Economic Zone (Fab City), Hyderabad in India.

Major Customers in Europe :
* Isolux, Spain
* Epifanio, Spain
* Digrun Solar, Spain
* LT Trade International, Italy
* Mandik Corporation, Czech Republic

With Greece Financial Crisis more companies from area's in Europe especially from Spain showing interest in making JV's with XL Telecom.Company got two big order in this month only.Share Trading at Rs.35/- having a Face Value of 10. Will be a Multi bagger in 2-3 yrs time.We have a minimum 100/- target in FY11 and first target of 60. See chart of XL TELECOM in WEEKLY CHART BELOW.