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Many of subscribers ask this question,my simple answer to those who have positions HOLD ,till this WEDGE break down (break down in wedge can be confirmed with atleast a minimum of two candle below line).Now taking new positions, in this current level,just think whether you need 2-3 % up move ,with a 5 % risk ,or why can't invest in those stocks (Penny Stocks )which are trading even below its FACE VALUE .Why am saying this is,If market go for a correction those stocks had no way to move much down ,because they are almost in ground floor.
Just took case of ACIASIA ,it was trading  at 0.40 paisa one month back made an 52 week low of 0.37 paisa.Just think a Rs.10 Face Value stock trading at 0.40 paisa ? Now in this month its trading near to Rs.10 (yesterday closing at 9.16).Just calculate return ,am not asking for a big investment (Ex:1000 ACIASIA was geting at 0.40 paisa ,Rs.410 ,now that position will be 9160 ,in one month ).Don't think NIFTY or MIDCAP stocks will give you handsome returns they given in 2009 in this year.More SMALL CAPS research reports soon.

Now above Chart, this wedge is taken bit breaking rules of Technical Analysis because of importance of those two levels.
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