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At a time when bitcoin value is around $1200 ,its obvious to think about get it free .Most of sites which placed FREE tag in there home page ,but didn't give any thing for free. Most of them offers Surveys, online Jobs, Referral's etc . But there PAY differs from country to country. A person from USA /UK earns more than a person from CHINA /INDIA.
Regarding there PAYOUT ,depending up on work they offer 50 to 5000 BITs.(1 million bits = 1 bitcoin)

Referral Commissions is the best way to earn BITCOINS, but you have to be very careful about sites you refer. Always check how long website is operational ,there referral commission pay history etc.
One site I personally recommend is ,they operate in most countries ,there PAYOUT is daily ,and conversation rate is also good .They pay 20% commission of Trading Fee. They have all types of Payment options than any revivals in this field

I started few days back and My BITs start coming to my wallet automatically ,See image below
Now, How I promoting Affiliate Links ?
I share links through Facebook Groups and Facebook Pages and Twitter.