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Market in India trading strong with positive news from global Market,but small caps are moving more than large caps in this range.Summary of the main news items & trading moves for the start of the new week.
  • Stock market futures indicating a strong start for indices such as the FTSE 100, DAX, CAC & Dow Jones.
  • July was a very strong month for the Dow Jones. The index finished July up 7.1%, its best monthly gain for over a year.
  • One caveat according to Market Beat: The monthly gains come amid thin volume as only two trading days in July exceeded the daily average on NYSE.
  • It wasn't a good month for gold, dropping over 5% on the month, its worst month since December 2009. However, the precious metal is still up nearly 8% for the year. Source: Market Beat.
  • Gold is currently trading above Friday's highs at $1183.50
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